Sunday, 17 March 2013

Desert Insurgents - WIP

I had a lot of fun making these!

The heads are from a little sprue I sculpted and had cast up to save time on 'heads' for my planned ranges, the scarves were sculpted on with Pro Create. Bare in mind these heads are a lot smaller than your average heroic scale head part.

There's a little tidy up to take place on the miniatures, the neck will have a scarf fitting sculpted in place to hold the head socket, and also to give the impression the scarf drapes across the neck and chest.

Weapon still to be made, I'll be using this rifle from the Borderer's as a base, adding blades to the stock and the barrel.


  1. They look great, but I think they really need beards for the full "desert raider" look.

  2. I would have preferred to have a few heads almost covered by the headscarf, but other then that it looks great!