Sunday, 22 February 2015

Peacekeeper painting WIP

I wasn't happy with the mold on this one, partly my fault for not reinforcing some of the sculpts (they got a bit bent and warped.)

While I remaster the set I've decided to paint up a couple of the test casts. Good chance I'll have scope to use different heads and make some variant versions...

The red guys are the desert planet police force, hence the riot shields. The blue guys are the same political allies, only acting like a space United Nations military force.

All I need is the crowd control mech and a couple of characters before I can organise production molds for a little diverse skirmish force. If I did this full time things would move a million times faster...

Thursday, 5 February 2015


One minute I'm trying to paint up some of the great Copplestone 15mm* barbarians, next minute I've started sculpting a load of minis in the same scale!

I'm torn between casting some stuff up like this, could do a skirmish/dungeon crawl set... or could do full blown armies in ranks maybe.

Left to right: Uruk-Hai Spartan, Arabian good guy spearman, Far Eastern legion bad guy, skeleton.

(spot the Fallen Dwarf. His heads loose in case I want to use this as a little dolly"

Few others in progress as well but not photographed.

I'll take a break from sculpting for a few days and have a think about what to do with them...

*actually 17mm.