Sunday, 31 July 2022

Cyclops Shepherd

I've made several Cyclops minis in the past, none I was ever happy with... I'm happy with this one I made digitally.

It's almost finished painting it and it works really well. The 3D printer is burring away in the background printing more.

Oh, and this hero mini is the baseline for the rest of the ranges to come in terms of style and size. 

Monday, 18 July 2022

Tox Trooper scout conversions


The heads are prototypes that I wanted to do a paint test on, so sticking them on the Tox Trooper scout miniatures seemed like a quick solution. 

It got a bit out of hand and turned into half a days sculpting, adding extra bits all over the place in grey putty.

LOTR Ranger conversions

 I've been building my LOTR collection for about 10 years now and hopefully it continues for another 10!

The scale and size is important to the cohesion of my collection, and unfortunately the plastic Rangers miniatures are too big and chunky in comparison to the plastic warriors of Minas Tirith. 

Luckily it was a simple head sculpt and a random knife glued in place to make the warriors of Rohan into something passable as a ranger.

And quick and rough sculpting turned a warrior of Minas Tirith into a suitable captain miniature.

Harpies, Scorpions, Ghosts


Few more shots of test sculpts/prints. 

I'm not sold on the colour schemes yet but they paint up nice none the less.

Sunday, 3 July 2022


 Blogger seems to be on the blink again so I've not posted (or even commented on blogs I follow) much lately.

The 3D sculpting and printing learning continues.

Kobaloi for greek mythology have become little dog men for me. First time I've ever done therianthrope style creatures but it was lots of fun and I think I managed to get some nice characterisation in these.

The heads and shields are separate/multi part.

Been a while since I painted, or photographed minis, so presentation is a little rusty.

Monday, 2 May 2022

Painting Infinity PanOceania

Easy paint jobs here, purely for the enjoyment of painting.  I think each one was only about 4 hrs or so. I'm avoiding highlighting all the way up to white/near white which is the usual Infinity style.

I'm on a mission to paint up my entire Infinity collection in the next year or two and then possibly sell them.

Around 25 minis left to go...

Saturday, 19 February 2022

New Sci-Fi soldier

 The Tox Troopers have been needing a target to shoot at for a while. I'll do a scale test print of this guy soon.