Sunday, 5 May 2013

Heroic Scale - Tech Robes WIP

No idea if or how these will progress or even be made available... I just like to sculpt, a lot.


  1. come on got to get these out!
    How about the ones you did a while back - like 2-3 post down. I think you stated they would be out to buy in a few weeks, any news on that?

    1. My guess is Salute happened. Anvil is taking a month-long break before posting anything new, and chances are they were focusing primarily on their own range, and so didn't do cast masters for the MotN models.

      We'll probably see them around june-time, if they do get released.

  2. I only sculpt, I don't produce (mold, cast, distribute, sell).

    An email was sent to Joel just a few mins ago asking if we can get these released under "MOTN Heoic Scale".

    Narric Techna: correct. The reason they were an initial no go was the arm fittings weren't matched with the Anvil Exo Lord range.

    Obviously this might cause some confusion with buyers and potentially issues of returns and what not for Anvil. Even putting them under the MOTN section of the Anvil webstore could be problematic; these are a different scale to the rest of the MOTN range.

    That and the fact Anvil are trying to create their own universe.

  3. Good. I really hope they will get released at some point - otherwise you will just have to make 15 different poses and sell me the originals :D

    Anyway - off to spambot Joel..................

  4. I can see several tech preist lovers wanting these for Adeptus Mechanis Armies!

  5. I'd easily sell all these 'robe-tech' heroic scale originals, with production rights. They wouldn't be cheap though!

  6. :D Wouldn't wanna produce them at all, just paint them up and look at them while I was thinking I was the only one in the world with those minis....

  7. Don't you dare! We'd all like to share in the robed goodies :)

  8. I wants them. Like, lots of thems.

  9. Please find a way to make these available!