Sunday, 2 March 2014

Update dump: 28mm, 10mm, 6mm...

Time for a little blast of what's been sculpting...

… and scratch building.

Well, I nailed down a gun design for the phase 2 Peacekeepers. Proper “blaster”. I can now start posing the rest of the sculpts around this design and aim (no pun intended) to get a mold filled with a good mix of Peacekeepers: leader, heavy, grunt, etc.

I had a terrible flash of inspiration and rattled out a few 10mm scaled miniatures. Very stylised, comic book feel I want to get with them. This may or may not come to fruition, by that I mean having them molded up and making them available to folks. They are about half way done, rifles are simple stand in at the moment (0.5mm plasticard). I've also done a little power lifter suit, minus an operator, and various other bits and bobs. More on all this later, but I really like the thought of robots and mechs dominating a 10mm game.

Here's some more exploration in 6mm, I really can't lock into one scale or style but I suppose I'm still finding my feet and experimenting... I mean, I'm only 30, I can still fantasise about having time to model/paint/game in multiple scales right? Hopefully by 40 I'll have merged it all down into one scale... but which one??

Note the same Desert Insurgent miniatures done a few different ways. The version at the front is actually just under 6mm and the scale and style I'm going to run with. All the others as you can see, are a little taller or wider. For me 6mm is all about massive mechs, tanks and aircraft, with the miniatures being in there to show just how huge everything else is. For that reason I'd like to get the basic human looking just right.

They say 6mm is gods own scale: 1mm represents 1 foot in real life. If that be the case, the first Desert Insurgent is about 5'10.

Some personal conversions in there, basic rogues for Rebellion Protocol, with the guy on the right being my first 28mm scale done in Super Sculpey Firm... well, the legs and torso at least. Still not got the hang of it yet...

Practice/development at muscles here, super shredded or a bit more bulk (Like Rambo1 vs Rambo2 maybe...). That guy on the left will be a fantasy Egyptian... the right is a red skinned desert Orc thing (Khozards, maybe.. enemies of the Fallen Dwarves).

Some more shots and work on Grim Regions, a Napoleonic style clockpunk horror project. Probably shooting to have things ready for October this year.

That's all for now, thanks for reading!


  1. napoleonic clockpunk horror... 6mm AND 10mm... are you trying to make me spend all my money on your models. gah.

  2. Yes! You're back at the smaller stuff! I was worried you might drop the 6mm stuff. I read somewhere that 6mm miniatures were 1:285 in scale, but the more I look at it, the more it feels like 1:300 to me (6mm would then be 1.80 meters). At least, that's the scale I'm using for the buildings I'm designing. I wonder how your 10mm soldier design would look in 6mm scale by the way.

    Love the small mech from the 10mm stuff, I'd really love to design some mechs for 6mm scaled stuff, but I'm just having such a hard time doing them on SketchUp, guess that'll be my next stepping stone or something.

  3. Beautiful work! I'm particularly fond of the 6mm desert insurgent :)

  4. Thanks chaps.

    I think I'll be getting a master mold made with 6mm and 10mm stuff in there, infantry and vehicles. Once I get 20 or so spins of that I'll paint some up to show off then decide how the rest of the parts will fit in multiples into molds.

  5. Looking forward to seeing the Red Skinned Orcs develop, how are the Fallen Dwarves coming along (Immortals etc)?

    1. Still trying to work out the best mold content and layout on the new Fallen Dwarves!

    2. Can't wait to see the finished sculpts

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  7. By the way, if you ever decide to finish your 6mm models (even if it's just the infantry), you might wanna contact Vanguard Miniatures for distribution. :)

  8. did you ever get around to casting those 6mm infantry? id be interested in some.