Sunday, 26 April 2015

Salute 2015 - Anvil Industries

I attended my first ever gaming convention after 20 years in the hobby... Salute 2015!

It was also my great pleasure to meet up with Anvil Industries who produce and retail most of my sculpts.

The team are truly fantastic and treated me and several of their kickstarter backers to an after party at the Anvil studio. We received a tour of their forge and saw all their casting and mold making kit, then a small demonstration in 3D modelling followed by a game of Afterlife with the lights dimmed and the terrain lighting effects in full swing! Pizza and beers throughout too - very generous of Anvil and great fun for everyone!

After a circuit of the event I was relatively sure their gaming table was the best.. luckily that proved to be an unbiased opinion when they won the Best Sponsored Trader Game award!

Great work and thanks Anvil!