Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Techno Resurrection...

No not a techno themed reunion night (not that I was ever into techno...), but a good chance I'll be able to offer some of the Techno Communion for sale again in the near future.

I've spent a fair amount on "R&D"the last few months in addition to contracting molds for stock parts like the Greek mythology dollies, meaning the small book that is Miniatures of the North is now well into the red: so I can sell some casts again as a means to break even.

Watch out for a future post on the blog for availability...

Also, some personal conversions I knocked up from old mis-casts:

Saturday, 10 January 2015

New mold commission - Peacekeepers

Quick shot of the mold plate layout for a new bunch of miniatures, I'm hoping I can make some available for purchase in the coming months.

These are my Byzantine oppressive police force, 3 come armed with rifles, 3 with pistols and 1 with a riot shield and electric stun baton.

I guess the only thing that makes them "science fantasy" is that they are all armed with knives as well...

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Combat Protocols_

A few snippets of things for Rebellion Protocol (where my sci-fi sculpts are set)...

Monday, 5 January 2015

New year images...

2 months since my last post... I'm pretty sure I had a hobby drought of around 7 weeks or so. It's over now.

Few bits and pieces to show off here, nothing particularly fancy!

Some WIP character sculpts for Rebellion Protocol:

Some new bits for the Fallen Dwarf range, 2 handed weapon guys that will be nice single piece items and a couple of grenadiers (who will chuck gunpowder potion grenades):

Some dollies I made prepped for sculpting, there's another faun dolly not pictured. Now what to make first, ancient mythology or sci-fi mythology...

Warm up sculpts I did, relatively simple and almost heroic in style, perfect for smothering in detail: