Sunday, 17 March 2013

Desert Insurgents - WIP

I had a lot of fun making these!

The heads are from a little sprue I sculpted and had cast up to save time on 'heads' for my planned ranges, the scarves were sculpted on with Pro Create. Bare in mind these heads are a lot smaller than your average heroic scale head part.

There's a little tidy up to take place on the miniatures, the neck will have a scarf fitting sculpted in place to hold the head socket, and also to give the impression the scarf drapes across the neck and chest.

Weapon still to be made, I'll be using this rifle from the Borderer's as a base, adding blades to the stock and the barrel.

Heroic Scale - Completed and off to Anvil Industry

Managed to finish these three sculpts in time for my next delivery to Anvil, all going to plan they could be on sale in a couple of weeks.

These aren't complete miniatures - they will probably come as presented (no arms or weapons). I see these as being conversion mannequins for converters, and a lot of the Anvil Exo Lord parts are perfect for these guys.

Parts I'd recommend (the bits I have and sculpted the miniatures to accept):

Compact Fusion Plant:

Spartan Shoulder Pads:

Obligatory scale shot...

Time to take a break from Heroic Scale/Style for now and get back to my MOTN scale. Provided these sell well I can see myself returning to this range in the near future....

Friday, 15 March 2013

Tox Trooper Support - Chemical Throwers

A little support unit for the Tox Troopers.

Techno Communion drones are a staple of everyday life in the Redemption Sector - every house and society has access to them for whatever use they please. The Tox Troopers have decided to strap a tank of volatile chemicals to their drones backs and send them into battle!

Tox Troopers - Heavy Weapon Team

Ouch white plastic is difficult to photograph! I've left some intentionally dark so you can get a better view on the silhouette.

Anvil Industry have kindly offered to supply the magazine feeds for this so once I ship this off and Joel at Anvil get his hands on it... it should look ten times better.

This is my fist such set (a heavy weapon team) so if it proves popular and the Tox Troopers sell well I'll be doing more in future, starting with my Imperial Borderer's.

[The tripod can be assembled with the front leg folded up if you wanted to make an embarked/in transit version. I've supplied two front legs, one longer than the other - I was torn on the look and thought some people might prefer a longer option]

Insurgents - Desert Raiders, WIP

Insurgents seemed like a good name originally but Desert Raiders seems more apt now.

The theme behind these guys is they are nomadic raiders, their main opponent being the Imperial Marines who are stationed as a garrison on a Desert Planet.

I've still to add on some shoulder plate armour (basic looking), do the heads (wrapped in scarves/hijabs, possibly mutants possibly with re-breathers and goggles...) and make a rifle armed with blades (shooting and close combat).

Heroic scale - WIP

Here's a few more shots of some heroic scale mini's I'm working on. Same theme for now: pipes, robes and tech, designed to complement the Anvil Industry Exo Lord range.

No idea if these will be cast up for sale but the the primary objective is more practice at this scale/style. I'm also experimenting with green stuff and brown stuff mixes as the sculpting medium.

Very early stages/lots of detail still to be added.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Anvil Industry - Heroic Scale

This started off as a personal sculpt to practice doing heroic scale... I'm not really a fan of heroic scale: it's not a scale, it's a style. Giant guns that would be impossible to lift, fists the size of your head, etc.etc.

That said it's growing on me, I think this sculpt turned out all right! My undead exo lord. I made this with a mind to using the Anvil parts (Backpack and shoulder pads).

Tox Troopers

Wow long time no update! As usual though I work in short bursts so more to follow over the coming days and weeks.

Love them or hate them (or slate them) here are the Tox Troopers, 99% complete. I'm going to try get a bare head sprue option in there with these too!

Like all my stuff the troopers come in a variety of 6. There's method to this madness I assure you, once I get those skirmish rules formatted...

Sculpting away at these I was in two minds as to the idea behind them:
  1. These are an aquatic humanoid species and need the helmet and water tank (see the back of each mini, they have a little cannister thing) to breath.
  2. These are the military of a space faring noble house who have contracted an incurable virus and they need to the helmets/outfits to survive. The rotten look is literally them not caring as they slowly die off in misery.

Either way I'm sure you don't care, if you pick these up you'll have your own ideas. Love it.

I have one 'clean' helmet and rifle that Anvil will replicate then distress to get 6 unique helmets.

Here's the leader, hand to be tided up.

Here's the heavy weapon trooper, the cannon isn't finished yet. The tripod comes in two parts and can be assembled folded up.

Various pics: