Friday, 15 March 2013

Tox Troopers - Heavy Weapon Team

Ouch white plastic is difficult to photograph! I've left some intentionally dark so you can get a better view on the silhouette.

Anvil Industry have kindly offered to supply the magazine feeds for this so once I ship this off and Joel at Anvil get his hands on it... it should look ten times better.

This is my fist such set (a heavy weapon team) so if it proves popular and the Tox Troopers sell well I'll be doing more in future, starting with my Imperial Borderer's.

[The tripod can be assembled with the front leg folded up if you wanted to make an embarked/in transit version. I've supplied two front legs, one longer than the other - I was torn on the look and thought some people might prefer a longer option]


  1. Wow! that looks great!

    When would the get released- if you know.

    1. I'm still waiting on Anvil returning this to me, it was passed for production. I'll be doing it in metal once I have the master back.

  2. first off receives some tox troopers in the mail and they are awesome!

    is there an update for the release of the heavy teams?


  3. Thanks Mick, no eta at the moment but they are on the list! I'll likely do the heavy weapons in metal along with some close combat Tox Troopers (and whatever else Tox Trooper related I can fill up the mold plate with!)

  4. Yo! any new eta on the heavy support squad? loving the tox troopers, can't wait to get my hands on more tox diversity :)