Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Fallen Dwarves with Crossbows

WIP mock up's.

The head of the crossbow rests into a groove attached to the minis (single piece minis), so you can do some converting if you want these to be black powder weapons!

I've still to add some belts/leather strapping and some bolt pouches.

Fallen Dwarf Command

First complete Fallen Dwarf standard bearer and champion. Musician to follow, along with another alternate command group. The big banner top is separate so I'll hopefully get to do a few different styles for variety.

(That's fire behind the icon by the way)

WIP – Borderers, Cult Leader & Crowmantia

2 Squad leaders and a communications/pidgeon guy.

Very early stages with these....

House Crowmantia Icon bearer/Squad Leader and a Cult Leader:

First Look - Tox Troopers

Tox Trooper test. I really like this but I'm used to trying to make sculpts with clean edging – scarring and chipping was fun to do here.

I'm planning on doing at least 5 of these, each head will be a fresh sculpt to get a little variety but with the same mono eye spike helmet theme.

I intended to get some tubing into the face but I would have ended up locking the head into a single pose (and been as well making the mini single piece.)

Ideally the next sculpts, and more work on this one, will produce plenty more tubing. Everyone loves tubing...

Crowmantian Squad Leader and Heavy Weapon

Complete Leader and Heavy Weapon trooper for House Crowmantia.

When it comes to converting I have in mind chopping off the cannon barrel and replacing it with a flame thrower head...

Cult High Priest and Drone assistants

Here's the 98% complete Cult High Priest and his drone minions.

I originally intended this for this guy to be the 'cult leader' but he grew so exotic that I've decided he needs to outrank that. Toyed with the idea of putting a couple of long thin banners on the staff but the logistics of casting it put me off (I'll simply convert one for myself).

The staff head itself has a few things still to be finished but I imagine it to shoot unholy occult power.... but then wait, why would he need a pistol?

Drones are single piece.
High Priest has a separate head on a ball socket.

I'm off to sculpt a more mundane cult leader...

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Ancients - test sculpts/proof of concept

Here are a couple of shots showing the test sculpts for a new range I'm planning – ancients.

Not the historically accurate ancients... more like the ancients right after the sinking of Atlantis fighting it out in a post deluge world full of giants and 'hybrids'.

I'm in two minds about going traditional ancient [bronze age] weaponry or 'lost technology' weaponry, you know, bows that fire laser bolts and spears tipped with an electric charge . When in doubt... I usually do both (they're just weapons swaps after all).

These wont hit until Spring 2013 but what I can say is sculpting will begin soon on the 'Greek' inspired factions and I'm shooting for as much multi-pose as possible (this might mean me bugging Anvil Industry for some resin masters and a bit of back and forth... but I think it will be worth it).