Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Ancients - test sculpts/proof of concept

Here are a couple of shots showing the test sculpts for a new range I'm planning – ancients.

Not the historically accurate ancients... more like the ancients right after the sinking of Atlantis fighting it out in a post deluge world full of giants and 'hybrids'.

I'm in two minds about going traditional ancient [bronze age] weaponry or 'lost technology' weaponry, you know, bows that fire laser bolts and spears tipped with an electric charge . When in doubt... I usually do both (they're just weapons swaps after all).

These wont hit until Spring 2013 but what I can say is sculpting will begin soon on the 'Greek' inspired factions and I'm shooting for as much multi-pose as possible (this might mean me bugging Anvil Industry for some resin masters and a bit of back and forth... but I think it will be worth it).

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