Wednesday, 10 October 2012

First Look - Tox Troopers

Tox Trooper test. I really like this but I'm used to trying to make sculpts with clean edging – scarring and chipping was fun to do here.

I'm planning on doing at least 5 of these, each head will be a fresh sculpt to get a little variety but with the same mono eye spike helmet theme.

I intended to get some tubing into the face but I would have ended up locking the head into a single pose (and been as well making the mini single piece.)

Ideally the next sculpts, and more work on this one, will produce plenty more tubing. Everyone loves tubing...


  1. I love the concepts!
    Please make the heads available separately, I would pick up a dozen or two ;)

  2. I think the body of the figure looks very good but I would strongly advise that you scrap the head design and start again.

    It looks terrible! It looks like the figure is wearing a tea towel which is obscuring half the face with a slit for a mouth being just visible and one eye.

    You make a very good point about having to compromise on your original design for the head but I would like to add that when you are forced into compromising you end up with something that doesn't work at all.

    As is I'd buy the figure and throw away the ridiculus looking heads.

  3. Two very different comments about the heads here haha ! To each their own.

    Overall on the armour I feel I've slightly overdone the rotten and chipped armour to the point it looks like wood.

    Helmet – it's all enclosing, no face is visible. The outer helmet is supposed to be big and clunky with the front channel that restrict the view a little, the inner part is simply a plate with a single eye port. I feel the weathering has perhaps messed up the helmet but the general idea and design should still be visible.

    (also note there's blu-tac visibly holding the head in place)

  4. So, heads available separately: yes or no? :) Maybe?

  5. Put me in the "head is gorgeous" camp, which goes for the miniature as a whole. There's an eerie/comic mix to it that's really eye-catching. Can't wait to see these guys completed, and hopefully produced for sale at some point!

  6. My apologies, totally forgot to answer the question!

    Unsure for now on separate heads. I'd like to say yes but that is at the discretion of Anvil industry: fairly certain it will happen though.

    If you look at an early blog post here labelled 'stock parts' I have a good few heads I'd like to get on sale separately, on sprues of 5 or 6.

  7. Really digging that head. The armour looks great, the whole weathered thing is done really well.

    The model itself seems a bit flat, but that's more the pose.

  8. I'm loving these designs. What are the plans for the game? Low-model-count-skirmish, or high-model-count battles?

  9. Small skirmish game, squad based with squad size being between 2 and 6 miniatures.

    A squad of 6 would be a 'mob', with average 'troop' squads being 4 miniatures.

    Ideally a whole 'army' is around 30 miniatures.

  10. I think the head looks alright. I'm not sure if I'd use it, but I think it looks well done. Are they going to be plastic, resin or metal?