Thursday, 26 September 2013

Techno Communion Mold 1 Sculpts

The flesh is cheap.

Machines use up far more resources in their creation and maintenance than humans do, their entire life cycle and food source is already established – the fuel just grows there for them!

Their simple bio holographic brains can easily be controlled, even a simple programme called a religion self replicates amongst them, making the programmer god.

Or so the Redemption Sector A.I artilect thinks in it's current situation.

Grow the humans, clone them, what the heck. As they are birthed fully matured, use hypnotic subliminal conditioning to make them think you are father and creator, and then insert the desired instructions and requests, and set up hierarchies and rankings to keep them preoccupied.

Of course they are mere humans, they might occasionally go rogue. That's fine, don't outfit them with the exotic zero point free energy you have, give them mundane plasma and electrical systems. Give them a 5 year life span or so, that's fine they are just tools for manipulating, infiltrating and controlling societies, we have a half a million more ready for birthing tomorrow.

Don’t let the grunts in on the game though, only create special variants of them, Machine Speakers, who can tune in and interact with one of the drone programmes that sit underneath us AI. We don't want our puppets to know we exist after all... let them believe in their supreme god... us.

That's my brief blurb, the background is constantly being refined.... anyway: Miniatures!!!!!

Here's what I hope to get in the first mold:

Ignore the shit staff thing, thats a stand in for now. Machine Speaker and Drone:

See that power glove. That controls his Nintendo.

Elite soldiers, bodyguards of the Machine Speaker maybe?

The grunts:

Not a fan of the hoods myself but I always get/got asked about them so they will be in the mold:

Cyborg Drone, carries the heavy shit. In this case err a robo claw and an industrial ghetto blaster arm. The ghetto blaster gets it's nickname from going through ghetto's and blasting them up, it's a heavy laser beam unit, that backpack carries liquid nitrogen to cool it down when it's pumping out heavy death beats.

All the parts ready for sprue building:

ETA - if were lucky Christmas! My day job is killing me at the moment and there are still some loose ends to tie up before I load up the webstore. Having a Financial Investment and Management background I'm a total control freak and crunch numbers on everything. I've also worked as a Risk Analyst so I need my processes and everything completely rock solid and slick before I start accepting peoples money! I also need to cross reference providers to make sure I'm getting the best deals (bulk postage, packaging... blah blah).

Cheers! I'm sure these guys will be popular, truth be told I'm glad they're out my system and I can move on ha.


  1. Awesome work, as always! Cant wait to get my hands on the machine speaker and cyborg. The hoods on the machine speaker and bodyguard are really nice and definitely add to their character.

    Im always impressed with the smoothness of your sculpting, I bought myself some rubber tipped clay shapers to try to get a nicer finish on my own attempts but cant seem to get that crisp finish.

    Keep up the good work, il be first in line once your store opens :)

  2. looking fantastic. Can't wait till they are available.

  3. They look superb! I'll definitely buy a kit or two whenever they're released!

    And I can completely understand your drive to make sure all risks/costs are covered, it would be a real bummer if things went wrong for you.

  4. I want!
    Would love to see this range expanded.

  5. I'm currently awaiting the first lot of Desert Insurgent stock and finalising logistics on the web store... if we're lucky I'll have this Techno Communion lot ready to go in December!

    In terms of expanding this line I think I have enough ideas for at least one more mold worth of ... things. My objective is small skirmish miniatures not army/big battle style. For me, this molds contents is a complete warband for gaming with. Leader, Elites, Grunts and a heavy weapon.

  6. By the way, did you see some of the upcoming Forgeworld stuff for the Adeptus Mechanicus?

  7. They are nothing but excellent.

  8. Turns out I can't fit the little midget drone into the mold so he'll be relegated to a later date.

  9. They look truly mouth-watering. I will probably have to start that AdMech army I've though about for a while once these is on sale.
    I think I speak for everyone when I say some kind of heavy-weapons would be ace as well. Both for these and for the Tox Troopers.

    I'm sure you could get funding in a heartbeat through kickstarter or similar if you wanted, but I assume you've already thought about that and no need to pay those fees If you don't need to.

  10. These are awesome matey :)
    I await their release so I can add some to my tox trooper horde!!

  11. Thanks folks.

    Funding isn't an issue for me, time is!

    I'm not trying to set up a business this is just me doing what I want to do hobby wise and letting people pick up some of my miniatures on the off chance they want them. It's likely a lot of my stuff will be limited runs, or only on sale for 6 months before being decommissioned.

    Heavy Weapons and such like probbaly wont happen unfortunately, I'm not making these miniatures for 40k or anything, they're for my own skirmish gaming.

  12. Is there an ETA and price point on these yet? I ask because as soon as anvil lists these, my happy arse is going to snap them up! Love the design, and feel they'd do well with the Aether Pirates set I have slated as a Rogue Trader crew.

  13. These wont be available through Anvil, they'll be direct from me. I'm posting them off for molding next week so it will be a good few weeks before I can cost them.

  14. What ever happened to this line? They look really nice.

    1. Out of production at present. I still have the masters so they might re-appear in future.