Monday, 9 September 2013

Fallen Dwarf Reinforcements WIP

Time for some Fallen Dwarf reinforcements!

My first real use of super sculpey, here's a giant animated statue/stone Golem. Head and arms will be separate and are really just big versions of the Dwarf Legionnaires. The base is 35mm wide. Top of the head, when it's on, will put this about 48 mm tall.

Test for a cyclops: these guys inhabited the lands originally and as the Dwarves were driven east following a nasty dwarf civil war they defeated and enslaved the cyclops. The feet are based on elephants and I imagine the skin to be roughly the same texture, hence not going all out on ripped muscle. I'm going for a very plain look with them and lots of flat areas (good for conversions). Right hand will probably have a club. The mini separates at the waist and the arms will be separate, I'm working on a second pose so the torso's can be changed over, I'm using metal washers as my guide to ensure a uniform join. 53 mm to the top of the head.

(Cyclops helps me dovetail into greek mythology in the near future).

The might Karkadann! Yep, just a big rhino with a fictional head. Doing a rhino head destroyed the mystique for me so I went back and made this plain beaked face, kind of a throwback to a triceratops. This helps be keep the creature in the fantasy genre.

That base is the big 65 mm across one. The left legs pop off for ease of casting and I'm doing another pose to I'll have two in total. I think I'll sculpt reigns and a back cloth in place but the saddles will be joined to the riders.

These things will get a lot of use out of me and when I get them molded up I'll have a couple of rider options for them:

  • Beast of burden for the Fallen Dwarves, perhaps a palanquin on the back for a giant crossbow or a sorcerer.
  • Riden war beast mount for a desert dwelling tribe of red super orcs (more on these another day, but at least I'll get the riders made to go in the mold).
  • Ridden war beast mount for the Sci-fi Desert insurgents. Painting them green would be cool...

A hero miniature, head and arms will be separate for conversions, along with two sorcerers. Unsure how they will go together, probable separate heads for conversions.

Dwarf Immortals – cloaks and two handed weapons (double ended short halberds all going to plan).


  1. Your fallen dwarves are probably my favorite of your sculpts, I keep meaning to pick up some. Loving the direction that your taking your fantasy realm in. Still hoping that one day you'll do some sculpting tutorials ;)

  2. Back at the dwarves, kick ass! Really digging the Karkadann as well, we need more of these weird beasts.

  3. Just ordered some dwarfs from Anvil, enough for a unit of 15 crossbows inc command :) Can't wait to see the rest of the range bulked out (& the potential rules system your writing!)

    1. Nice one! I look forward to seeing them painted, I really enjoying seeing people converting and painting my sculpts.