Thursday, 6 December 2012

Big support units

These are early stage mock ups that will take a few months to come to completion. For the Tox Troopers I'm shooting for a tripod mech walker, and for the Crowmantian cultist forces: a giant bug that will have a howdah strapped and bolted to it's back.

Tox Trooper support - Chemical Throwers WIP

Still WIP, the weapons will be nozzle based liquid projectiles:

Tox Troopers - progress update

Still a fair amount of work to be done... but the line progresses.

Fallen Dwarves - preparing the mini's

Some shots of the start of my own Fallen Dwarf army! I ran out of axes so I'm simply cracking on with painting what I have and I'll attach the weapons separately at a later date.

The shields are going to receive some minor distressing prior to undercoat. Luckily they come with a little sprue channel still attached which is handy for mounting them for painting.

Next up a black undercoat...

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Paint jobs - Fallen Dwarves

These guys don't seem to have done very well (in terms of sales at Anvil) but I do hope I can continue to expand the range. I probably will even if it's only for personal use!