Sunday, 26 May 2013

All things desert: welcome to Hasheraq.

Imagine a planet called Hasheraq. 

Imagine the EMPIRE gained control long ago, wiping out the worlds heritage and creating a puppet government operating under the watchful eye of small Imperial garrison. Only in tribal caves in the deep deserts of the world survive the old ways, culture, history, tradition... and prophecy.

Enter the young MESSIAH, the chosen one, either an orphaned farm boy or a noble born outcast appearing in the desert. He is accompanied by the OLD MAN OF THE DESERT, a hermit of incredible power once a mystical bodyguard of the HOUSE IMPERIAL, turned native sympathiser in years long past.

Enter the DESERT TRIBES, lead by tribal leaders:

Enter the PEACEKEEPRS, local born recruits trained by the EMPIRE to police the people. The appearance of the MESSIAH challenges their allegiance and many now side with the UPRISING.

The IMPERIAL COLONY OF HASHERAQ is in turmoil, time to send in the elite fighting force to quell the rebellion and destroy the INSURGENTS, the white and grey IMPERIAL MARINES.

The UPRISING will need to find it's DESERT POWER.

Imperial Redcoats WIP

Another test for these guys, the oppressed dwellers of the totalitarian Imperial Alpha cities.

These will come to fruition after the summer, along with their nemesis the Black Praetorians...

Marines WIP

The deadliest fighting force in the galaxy – Imperial Marines.

Trained on the imperial prison planet, roaming the stars wearing grey and white armour... Dune Sardaukar mashed up with Star Wars Stormtroopers.

These still need a lot of work, mostly on the armour and legs.

Techno Communion Petarikon

A little progress on these guys. I'm toying with robed heads, originally I wanted to go with bald cyborg heads...

Imperial Borderer Tinbots

Simple and quick scratch builds – mock up's for future reference. I'll paint these up and use them for play testing.

Production of something like this is a long while a way and possibly never. The idea of presenting a tutorials for people to scratch build these though, and a series of other things... that's something I'm keen on.

6mm tests

These are scale tests and in no way production pieces.

The scope for epic, no pun intended, visuals with this scale is so exciting – just check out that single figure next to the tripod walkers, and those are what I'd call small vehicles!

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Tox Troopers - design work

Another couple of designs I've done with marker on bleed proof paper. They'll be touched up digitally in the future for use in an 'official' capacity.

As with my previous post these will probably be realised in 6mm first but I'll create rough 28mm scale mock ups.

[I've settled on these being a semi aquatic species]

Imperial Borderers - Support concepts

Here's some of my ideas for expanding the Imperial Borderer line – very much Diesel punk I think.

I'm building some 28mm scale mock ups at the moment but I'll probably realise these in 6mm (for sale) first.

Medium is markers on bleed proof paper. I'm really inspired by 70's & 80's sci-fi film and tv concept art and want to use this for all vehicle and ship designs I do.

These still need touched up digitally (before I use them in any 'official' capacity) but no harm in sharing them now.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Heroic Scale - Tech Robes WIP

No idea if or how these will progress or even be made available... I just like to sculpt, a lot.

Desert Insurgents - complete

Some quick shots of the completed desert troops here.

I'm really happy with these and they're possible my own personal favourite so far!

My head is swirling with ideas for them, there's not a whole lot of specific equipment or design that ties them down to one genre – to me they're suitable for Steampunk Victoriana, Sci-fi militaria, Space Opera, Post Apocalyptic survivors.... all of the above please.

The one direction I want to pursue at this point in time is space opera – less hard science and military and more fantastical. I've started some 'Royal Guard' uniformed miniatures that I want to have a space Byzantine appearance (the head will be helmeted). An old man of the desert and a young messiah wouldn't be out of place either.