Sunday, 26 May 2013

Imperial Borderer Tinbots

Simple and quick scratch builds – mock up's for future reference. I'll paint these up and use them for play testing.

Production of something like this is a long while a way and possibly never. The idea of presenting a tutorials for people to scratch build these though, and a series of other things... that's something I'm keen on.


  1. I'd really enjoy reading tutorials from you. With skill such as yours, I'm sure that you're got a lot to teach us mere mortals ;)

  2. Thanks Luke. I really enjoy making tutorials, it's also a much cheaper route for people to getting a miniature or model than buying one!

  3. Are these meant for your 6mm scale stuff of 28mm?

  4. I'll do a 6mm version but this is 28mm scale. They're about twice the height of a man.

  5. Y u no maek?

    Seriously, though, what are the particular technical difficulties with manufacturing this design?

  6. I'd love to make stuff like this and get it out on sale, production is the issue though - not technical but preferential.

    Anvil can't accommodate everything are aren't keen on hand made constructs - they are big into CAD and worry my stuff will look poor by comparison.

    I may look into other avenues for production later in the year though!