Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Imperial Borderers - Support concepts

Here's some of my ideas for expanding the Imperial Borderer line – very much Diesel punk I think.

I'm building some 28mm scale mock ups at the moment but I'll probably realise these in 6mm (for sale) first.

Medium is markers on bleed proof paper. I'm really inspired by 70's & 80's sci-fi film and tv concept art and want to use this for all vehicle and ship designs I do.

These still need touched up digitally (before I use them in any 'official' capacity) but no harm in sharing them now.


  1. 6mm stuff huh? Now this has true potential for object-driven narrative photography!

    On that scale you could also go really crazy with terrain and truly show the madness of those cities you designed previously. In 28mm scale they might not work that well, same as why 40k terrain doesn't really reflect the vastness of hive cities and such.

  2. Yeah the scale thing is all about allowing for monumental architecture and making drop ships and 100 foot tall mechs feasible.

  3. Oooh, airships! :D