Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Tox Troopers - design work

Another couple of designs I've done with marker on bleed proof paper. They'll be touched up digitally in the future for use in an 'official' capacity.

As with my previous post these will probably be realised in 6mm first but I'll create rough 28mm scale mock ups.

[I've settled on these being a semi aquatic species]


  1. I'm getting the idea of them being a different species, but why are they still so human? Wouldn't aquatic (or semi-aquatic) creatures work totally different from normal humans? Perhaps they wear some sort of suits that look very humanoid, but that we'd never get to see what they'd look like underneath those suits (kind of a scifi cliche I know, but it's a nice one!)

    However, the idea of thousands of Tox Troopers marching out of the water onto the beaches in neat formation (like those North Korean military marches) is a very frightening image!

  2. Rubber forehead aliens.... rule of cool.

    In my mind though long term divergent human evolution in the distant past.

  3. There is a ton of potential for this specific line of minis, especially with the Death Guard taking center stage in the new edition of Warhammer 40k. These are perfect for Nurgle renegades, Septic Guard, and cultist 'count as' troops. They look so amazing, especially when painted and based to look like trench warfarers. Absolutely amazing.