Sunday, 30 September 2012

WIP Cult Leader and Summoned Spirits

Still early stages on all these: a cult leader and a couple of summoned spirits.

Lots of minis ready for paint

Finally got round to my own personal casts of the Borderers and Crowmantians!

Lots of pics to share, I'll be doing some tutorials for my website as I go along on these.

New Aether Pirates

These three are ready for molding! The bare hands will have pistols on them.

Fallen Dwarves – WIP Command and Missile Troops

Still lots of work to be done on these.

Banner head on the standard bearer will be separate with different design options.

The two dwarves on the left show the single piece design whilst the two on the right are mock ups. Minis will come with the crossbow heads but there will be option in future for possible black powder weapons.

House Crowmantia – Leader and Heavy Weapon WIP

New dolly masters

Some new dollies for bolstering the Imperial Borderers, House Crowmantia and the Cultists.

First look – Insurgents WIP

Could be 2013 before these are out but here's a couple of WIP sculpts and a design for some insurgent minis:

Support for your Cult

It's been a while since the last update here, tough times in the north at the moment: winter is coming. [Really, it's getting cold]

Some complete minis to show off for the Occult line that started with House Crowmantia's militia and the cultists.

Here we have some Cult gathering miniatures, not really for combat but to add flavour to command groups or for use in RPG/small scale skirmishes.

Not sure how these will go on sale at Anvil: one idea I have is that the praying chap could be replicated and come on a sprue of 5 or 6 – useful for statues as well if you are into terrain building! The two small drones will probably be attendants to the WIP cult leader...