Sunday, 7 October 2018

Hoplite metals

Some Hoplite masters here.

Single part is very desirable when dealing with metal miniatures (for me anyway), and I'm happy with how close I've got with these - it's just the right arm that will need glued on when assembling them.

Having the right arms as separate pieces allows more dynamic poses and brings a bit of life to the sculpts by adding in a second plane, otherwise the minis are flat. It also means they can be assembled with either spears or swords.

Thanks for all the emails I get chasing these up. I'm trying to get these perfect before I put any up for sale...

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Red Hoplites

These miniatures are plastic Victrix hoplites, combined with my own metal heads and arms. Hopefully I'll be able to offer some for sale this summer but if you want some now, drop me a comment below.

And above, my metal heads on the plastic Victrix archers!

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Daughters of the Burning Rose

I was lucky enough to get some of the initial test casts from Anvil Industry for their Daughters of the Burning Rose kickstarter.

As to be expected from Anvil by now these are superior miniatures - solid design and perfectly cast.

Do note these are not the production miniatures (I don't expect anything to change between these tests and the actual production miniatures).

I'm a backer on the project so will get another of these Inquisitor miniatures... I'm glad of that, I'd like another chance to paint this miniature it's definitely up there as an all time favourite.