Monday, 5 November 2018

Masters. Hoplites and Techno Communion

Cleaning up master casts is quite a time consuming effort.

First I give them a short dunk in warm soapy water followed by a light brush with a toothbrush to get all the mould release agents off. Usually the release agent is powder.

Then I set to work with a set of small files and a scalpel blade removing all the mould lines and any imperfections. They need to be completely perfect.

Then it's another soapy water bath and brush to remove the filing and shavings, and I'm done - final set of masters ready for production moulds.

I just need to add the Spartan helmets to a little sprue and make 14 spears and I'm good to go....

Back by popular demand too, the Techno Communion will get another run!

Soon as these are in the post to the mould maker I need to put together an actual web store...


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    1. Thanks Joe. Taken longer than expected but I've not given up.