Sunday, 7 October 2018

Hoplite metals

Some Hoplite masters here.

Single part is very desirable when dealing with metal miniatures (for me anyway), and I'm happy with how close I've got with these - it's just the right arm that will need glued on when assembling them.

Having the right arms as separate pieces allows more dynamic poses and brings a bit of life to the sculpts by adding in a second plane, otherwise the minis are flat. It also means they can be assembled with either spears or swords.

Thanks for all the emails I get chasing these up. I'm trying to get these perfect before I put any up for sale...


  1. Great sculpts. To take this off on a tangent, is there any news on the Fallen Dwarf cavalry?

    1. The schedule at Anvil is solid for the next 6 months so I'm going to have to do a limited run in metal. Right now I'm trying to organise schedules at other casters (I use one caster for master molds and casts, and another for production molds and casts), not to mention funds for the molds. It definitely won't be this year but possibly Jan/Feb 2019. Doing things myself in metal means I can squeeze in some other miniatures to the molds... so that delays things but lets me get a variety of new things produced.

    2. Well I'm all on board for any Fallen Dwarves so just let me know when they are good to go so I can get some money over to you.

  2. Replies
    1. Not yet, as soon as they are the heads up will be on this blog.

  3. Nice looking figures. The sword was usually the weapon of last resort for hoplites. If the spear broke they would reverse it and use the butt spike.

  4. Took a closer look at the swords. They sort of look like a cross between the Xiphos and the Kopis. The Spartans usually used a version of the xiphos about a foot long. Early versions of the kopis were about two feet long which would be appropriate for your figures and had a pronounced curve.