Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Fallen Dwarves - Living Statue!

If were really really really lucky... Anvil Industry might do this in resin for us and get it in their store.

No eta, Anvil have a successful kickstarter to fulfill, so this might come after the summer.

This took a while to complete but I'm really happy how the cracks on the stone have turned out, I used at a lot of reference pictures. The arms are held in place with blu tac so stick out a fair bit more than if they were glued in place.

I'm dead keen to get a few resin copies of the torso and sculpt different arms on them - perhaps a pair of giant halberd armed guards, one left handed the other right handed. Hacking my own mini's isn't out of the question either, so molds and resin casts for some terrain could be on the cards for me!

These are quick hatchet job pics... oh I hope to get a sorcerer in resin too, someone needs to rouse the stone beast.

44mm from bottom of foot to middle of the eye line. 55mm from bottom of foot to top of helmet. Wooden plinth is about 37mm across.