Saturday, 10 May 2014

Greek Mythology... maybe

Just messing around with some putty...

Usual story on these: “personal sculpts, for my own use, blah blah” but yes I'll probably make them available to purchase one day.

Initially these might be individual loose parts (heads, weapons, shields) which people can use to augment some of the amazing Ancient plastic miniatures out there.. Victrix are a personal favourite of mine.

Good chance I'll just make a lot of the mythological beasts and characters, along with conversion parts, and we can rely on the Hoplite/human heroes to come from other manufacturers. The Fauns will probably be my first target.

The horned head will be used as a fantasy Minoan/Cretan – lead by the Minotaur who has busted out the Labyrinth and usurped king Minos.

The front right head will be a black armoured Serpent Hoplite – lead by Medusa and the Gorgons.

Faun dollies:

WIP – Poseidon/Atlantean/Trident/Dagon/Mariner Hoplites