Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Test Sculpts - LOTR scale.

Just a quick sneak peak of some test sculpts... an orc and a robed eastern guy (next to a some of the amazing perry sculpted LOTR plastics.)

The guy in robes represents my good middle eastern faction, to face off against my Fallen Dwarf range. The head is just a stand in for the time being, this may be an option alongside the intended head design.

Faun Archers - master sculpts

So here's the final test on these sculpts: I photograph them, ramp up the brightness and expand the size to about 5 times their actual size...

As soon as I post this I'm off to make a few tweaks and final corrections before they ship off to the mold maker.

Not photographed here are 4 'dynamic hoplites' bodies and another sprue of arms, also going off for old making.