Sunday, 26 May 2013

All things desert: welcome to Hasheraq.

Imagine a planet called Hasheraq. 

Imagine the EMPIRE gained control long ago, wiping out the worlds heritage and creating a puppet government operating under the watchful eye of small Imperial garrison. Only in tribal caves in the deep deserts of the world survive the old ways, culture, history, tradition... and prophecy.

Enter the young MESSIAH, the chosen one, either an orphaned farm boy or a noble born outcast appearing in the desert. He is accompanied by the OLD MAN OF THE DESERT, a hermit of incredible power once a mystical bodyguard of the HOUSE IMPERIAL, turned native sympathiser in years long past.

Enter the DESERT TRIBES, lead by tribal leaders:

Enter the PEACEKEEPRS, local born recruits trained by the EMPIRE to police the people. The appearance of the MESSIAH challenges their allegiance and many now side with the UPRISING.

The IMPERIAL COLONY OF HASHERAQ is in turmoil, time to send in the elite fighting force to quell the rebellion and destroy the INSURGENTS, the white and grey IMPERIAL MARINES.

The UPRISING will need to find it's DESERT POWER.


  1. Looking at the marine next to the peacekeeper, it seems as if the peacekeeper is a lot more badass looking. Wouldn't that have to be the other way around?

  2. Perhaps the colour scheme will offset this perception - PEACEKEEPERS (working name) will be ruddy brown with copper armour, the MARINES will be white and grey, and faceless. I suspect badass is all a matter of personal taste.

    PEACEKEEPER influence - Chronicles of Riddick Helion Prime Soldiers and Phantom Menace Nabboo royal guard.

    MARINE influence - clone troopers/storm troopers, DUNE Sardaukar.

    Shameless I know, but it's good to admit influences ha!

  3. Hmm, maybe make the peacekeepers more close combat oriented then? Or at least with more ceremonial weapons, sort of a mixture between a halberd and combat shotgun.

  4. The pointy helmets will make them look goofy enough.

    Right on the numbers Re: weapons though, even the insurgent guys don't have guns yet, I want axe heads on them in place of bayonets.

  5. I noticed that the MARINE's rifle design is used throughout your stuff. Perhaps include a bunch of those for the insurgents as well, but more that they've looted weapons from the marines they've killed. Different types of ammo cartridges and straps would also make nice details for some of the guns.

  6. That's just a stand in I'm using for everything, it keeps the wrist connections consistent.

    Still to do the rifles for the insurgent guys: they'll have a range of guns (I have about 5 designs cast up) and will have little wraps of fabric and cartridges.

  7. I really like the desert warriors! Any idea on when they are available for purchase?

  8. Thanks Yriel.

    No time-frame right now but hopefully 4-6 weeks: I'm having them spun in metal and distributing in small numbers myself. I'll be setting up a small boutique style webstore.

    All going to plan he mold will hold 5 riflemen, 1 leader, 1 RPG trooper and the 2 Peacekeeper elites. Rifle and head sprues also.

  9. Nice, how do they scale compared to GW miniatures? The Desert Warriors would make superb Tallarn warriors.

  10. No idea, not owned a GW miniature in a long time! Less chunky/cartoon heroic scale I think. Roughly the same height, 30mm top of the head, 28mm the eyes.

  11. It wouldn't hurt to pick up a GW miniature so those of us who buy third party minis and also GW stuff and sometimes mix them all up in our armies had an idea :)