Sunday, 13 October 2013

Quality control and stock take

Nothing ever goes to plan but I'm getting there.... all I can say is I'm glad I'm doing this small scale and not via kickstarter!

In other news here's the title scroll for my Sci-Fi project:


  1. Can't see much detail in the pic.

    Is Redemption Sector going to be a Wargame, or some sort of multi-character/model roleplay? or maybe something else?

  2. It seems the spam has found its way in...

    Cool stuff on the picture, too bad it's not bigger though. ;) Also noticed the Redemption Sector site is almost empty again, does this mean a total re-write? In which case, would you need a proofreader (for free!)? :D

  3. I really like these sculpts. I'm interested in when you think these will come to market? I would like to put a kit review on my own blog including assembled product shots which I will provide back to you if you like(full release, use as you like). is where you can see a few examples.