Saturday, 23 November 2013

Techno Communion Casts

Test casts for the Techno Communion.

Probably like most sculptors when the casts come in I'm aghast at them: nooooo, all my work ruined.

Scrub them up then remove the powder/mold release agent however and they begin to grow on you. Glue them together and give them a black wash and they start to take shape (I missed some major mold lines in my haste, grrrr).

One flaw on these – the Synaxarion is missing a thumb on his right hand, broken off during mold making. This is a major no go as far as I'm concerned... if I was trying to run a commercial business. I'm not though... but I will need to reduce and price on them to compensate.

Flaw aside I still think these are cool.


  1. They look class :)
    I wouldn't worry about the thumb to be honest, as it's not missing, the bloke in question is simply awaiting augmentation.

  2. I'm rather excited about these. :)