Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Tox Troopers

Wow long time no update! As usual though I work in short bursts so more to follow over the coming days and weeks.

Love them or hate them (or slate them) here are the Tox Troopers, 99% complete. I'm going to try get a bare head sprue option in there with these too!

Like all my stuff the troopers come in a variety of 6. There's method to this madness I assure you, once I get those skirmish rules formatted...

Sculpting away at these I was in two minds as to the idea behind them:
  1. These are an aquatic humanoid species and need the helmet and water tank (see the back of each mini, they have a little cannister thing) to breath.
  2. These are the military of a space faring noble house who have contracted an incurable virus and they need to the helmets/outfits to survive. The rotten look is literally them not caring as they slowly die off in misery.

Either way I'm sure you don't care, if you pick these up you'll have your own ideas. Love it.

I have one 'clean' helmet and rifle that Anvil will replicate then distress to get 6 unique helmets.

Here's the leader, hand to be tided up.

Here's the heavy weapon trooper, the cannon isn't finished yet. The tripod comes in two parts and can be assembled folded up.

Various pics:


  1. Nice models. My only suggestion would be to add some damage to their robes/overcoats to match their damaged armour.

  2. I see that Anvil has finally released these fellows! Congratulations!

  3. Read that Anvil has sold their entire stock of Tox Troopers, good news man! :D

  4. Good news indeed! I've yet to get the lowdown but it's definitely positive and bodes well for future developments.

  5. Hey I just want to let you know that these are no joke my favourite line of miniatures for 28mm miniatures, theres just something about their design that clicks with me!
    I was just wondering if there was ever any plans to make a command version of these like the bit of art done a while ago with a large cloak/overcoat? Also any news on the weapon team that was sent off to anvil because that looks awesome even if just the crew was available.
    Keep up the awesome work I'm planning on building a large force of these.

  6. Thanks a lot mate.

    Yes definitely more are on the cards, I have lots of dollies and parts for this range to expand it. I'm trying to get a sculpting schedule together...