Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Anvil Industry - Heroic Scale

This started off as a personal sculpt to practice doing heroic scale... I'm not really a fan of heroic scale: it's not a scale, it's a style. Giant guns that would be impossible to lift, fists the size of your head, etc.etc.

That said it's growing on me, I think this sculpt turned out all right! My undead exo lord. I made this with a mind to using the Anvil parts (Backpack and shoulder pads).


  1. That thing is absolutely excellent. Though I've been impressed with some of your other stuff, this is way above the usual standard. I'll be up for some as soon as you GET them into production. A version with a mask instead of the undead face would be a killer too.

  2. Thanks Manus. This will hopefully be the first of a small series I'll do in conjunction with Anvil and their Exo Lord range.

    I wouldn't say this is any improvement in my standard as such, it's just a style thing: to me this sculpt is very clunky, blocky and stylised. I much prefer the finer sculpts I do along the lines of the Borderers and the Crowmantians, the proportions look a lot more pleasing on the eye compared to this. But that's just my personal preference, I'm sure legions will prefer this 'heroic' style, the miniatures are a lot bigger so you have more surface area and space for details.