Sunday, 17 March 2013

Heroic Scale - Completed and off to Anvil Industry

Managed to finish these three sculpts in time for my next delivery to Anvil, all going to plan they could be on sale in a couple of weeks.

These aren't complete miniatures - they will probably come as presented (no arms or weapons). I see these as being conversion mannequins for converters, and a lot of the Anvil Exo Lord parts are perfect for these guys.

Parts I'd recommend (the bits I have and sculpted the miniatures to accept):

Compact Fusion Plant:

Spartan Shoulder Pads:

Obligatory scale shot...

Time to take a break from Heroic Scale/Style for now and get back to my MOTN scale. Provided these sell well I can see myself returning to this range in the near future....


  1. WOW - more than brilliant!!!

  2. And I just found my skitarii. Thankyou.

  3. Just heard that these won't be available in this form from Anvil. Will you be looking into other routes to get them to market? I'd *love* to get my mechadendrites on some.

  4. I haven't heard anything about these from Anvil yet? Anvil have their own line they are progressing so all my sculpts and the MOTN brand will be a secondary priority unfortunately.

    It's not cost effective for me to run my own production/web store. For now I'm happy to bide my time and wait in the Anvil queue.

  5. That's understandable, but please let us know when they give you more info. I'm really excited about these models, and know more people who are saving up until they become available.

  6. Update on these - they wont be produced by Anvil because the dimensions do not mix with their Exo Lord range: the span across the chest(distance between arm fittings) is 1 or 2 mm shorter so they wont accept the Exo Lord rifle arms.

    At this point I'm not sure how to get these released, Anvil are re-organising and planning their expansion, and there is no real appetite to produce miniatures that won't fall under the planned universe/setting/range.

    Regardless, I'm already making several more miniatures based on this theme. I view them as more conversion dollies than full miniature kits.

    Anyone interested in purchasing these with full production rights get in contact with me at admin@miniaturesofthenorth dot com.

  7. It is really a pity to hear that. Since the first uploaded picture of these scupts I really looked forward to order them one day!

  8. I would have bought this set. I love the guy with the tube I his mouth. Will make a great tech priest for my inq warband

  9. They might become available, Anvil had no appetite to run with them. Still waiting on the minis being returned but I might get them spun in metal.