Sunday, 2 March 2014

I have a dream: about flying trucks in the desert.

When I say dream I mean daydream, and by daydream I mean sketched it out on a post in note at work. This is the mock up model.

  • First I did a little paper versions.
  • Then I built one quickly from plasticard, all from scratch.
  • Then I decided to give it a lick of paint.
  • Then I stuck windows in it.
  • Next up, I’ll get some suitable decals for it and then pigments and weather it all.

It's pretty basic and scratchy but I'm going to use it as a scenery piece for Rebellion Protocol.

The idea behind it: along the lines of tug boat – it's a flatbed truck that flies. Simple. A little ubiquitous work horse for doing light run around's and delivery stuff. I have ideas for a few variants, like a longer one for transporting big loads, and a little jet bike in the same style.

Here's the catch – the Desert Insurgents, the good guys of Rebellion Protocol, like to steal these from the city states and mount big guns on the back/side of them for hit and run raids !

Sounds cool right, I'm planning on making that next (along with the jetbike).

I could construct these and get them cast up in metal, but the thought of building these in metal is a bit meh for me. In all honesty I'd be quicker scratch building one than cleaning up a metal model then pinning and gluing it. Not to mention it would be lighter. (Seriously, I'm sure it shows, but cutting and gluing all this took me about 2hrs total)

I'll do a full blown tutorial for making them. Maybe I'll get the crew, gun, stowage and the jetbike cast up though, much more metal friendly.

The final tutorial version will have a few tweaks to the design, this was just the mock up. For example, the bed of the truck is 1mm too narrow for getting a miniatures base in there. Naturally it would be nice for the rest of my soon to be fleet if I could get mini's on the back...

Not bad for about 4.5hrs work...


  1. I really like this! Not bad at all sir! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Cheers David. Hopefully more like this to show off soon.

  2. Very cool! Do you have a bottom shot as well?

    I'm really digging the utilitarian feel of the vehicle, thank god it's not overly ornamental (no skulls!). Feels as if these vehicles are just that: crude civilian vehicles used by workers. Must be the yellow as well! :P

  3. Looks really good! Have you thought about a crew?

  4. The underside is pretty basic, didn't take any pics but you'll see it when I do the tutorial to build one.

    Crew will be Desert Insurgents!

  5. I really dig the asymmetrical placement of the cab in relation to the bed. It reminds me of a yard truck