Monday, 17 March 2014

Desert Insurgents - Personal Conversions and new WIP sculpts

I'm about to go into pimp mode.

No not street vice crime, I mean showing off some of my miniatures with cool conversions and alternate colour schemes.

I've had a nice steady stream of informal sales but that's dried up over the last few weeks, just as the end is in sight for the Desert Insurgent Mold 1! Yep, it's close to retirement. I have roughly 35 sets to hand and will order in my final lot of them pretty soon.

Ironic that at the end I now start talking about advertising and showcasing... oh well.

Here's a squad of Peacekeeper defectors: they've read the Rebellion Protocols and sided with the rebels! They look cool right? They'll get white battered armour to tie them up with the Insurgents. Next up, traitor Insurgents (wrap your head around that). A dastardly tribe bribed by the ruling elite of the super city state... kind of like a CIA funded terrorist unit.. among the “terrorists”.

Here's a few WIP sculpts:

Desert Insurgents for sale if you are interested in purchasing a set or two. Once I clear the existing stock I'll be able to fund the continuation of the range with new molds!

£15 for 1 full set
£40 for 3 full sets
£60 for 5 full sets

Thanks folks!


  1. Hmm, I can't help it but imagine those Peacekeeper Defectors with Black Praetorian heads...

    1. Black Praetorian heads look cool on anything! I was planning on them, in the desert environment, to wear something akin to Tusken Raider garb: ragged and flayed rags and lots of wrapping.

  2. For some reason I couldn't help but think of the Sardaukar helmet from the cancelled game 'Dune Generations':

  3. I guess I'm a few years late for this, but do you have any more Middle Eastern themed minis? I want to run a Sci-Fi campaign with a Middle Eastern theme (Coriolis) and am looking for some setting appropriate minis.