Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Desert Insurgent -Basic Painting Tutorial

Phew, I managed to find time to get a tutorial together! Unbelievable...

I'm down to the last 20 odd sets of these Desert Insurgents and considering retiring the mold already. The range will be expanded but I can't really keep the same sets in production indefinitely, catch em while you can they might be out of stock for a while. Email me (sales at, £15 a set.

I've used a variety of paints and inks here so I'll keep the naming conventions simplistic (along with my basic commentary).


Wash these things in soapy warm water with an old toothbrush to remove the mold release powder, then once dry clean them up with files and a hobby scalpel – standard procedure.

Here's the metal (with an ink wash so the detail shows up). They can be assembled perfectly fine without any green stuff, and I'm surprised the fittings all line up as good as they do after molding, but I like to stick a little putty over the wrist joints and into the ball fitting of the neck for the sake of it.

2.Undercoat - White spray

3.Colour blocking – Give this guy two coats of ochre.

4.Washing – Use a suitable “earthy” wash or water down brown paint.

5.Drybrush – Get in about the mini with a light drybrush of Bone.

6.Colour Blocking –

Wrappings and scarves: Sandstone
Rifle: Black
Casings and shoulder pads: Dark Grey
Pouches and belts: Dark Brown.

7.Colour Development-
Wrappings and scarves: Wash with “earth” or watered down brown.
Casings and shoulder pads – Roughly layer on pure white. Make it streaky and rough.
Robes – Extreme highlight with Bone.
Skin – err, skin colour.

8. Colour Refinement-
Wrappings and scarves – Highlight with the original Sandstone, for final highlights mix in a touch of white to the Sandstone.
Casings and shoulder pads – Wash with watered down black, then do a final highlight with pure white.
Rifle – Extreme highlights with Grey.
Pouches and belts – Highlight with a lighter brown, wash with brown ink then extreme highlight in the lighter brown again.
Skin – Wash with “earth” and then highlights with a touch of white to the original skin colour.

9. Detail-
Battle Damage – Paint scratches and chips to the edges of the Casings and shoulder pads with dark grey, then a tiny thin line of light grey in the centre of it(leaving dark grey at either side of the scratches and chips). LESS IS MORE.
Buttons and buckles – Simply silver metallic washed with black, highlighted with a lighter metallic.

10. Basing-
Easy – Sand and stone glued in place. Paint it with Ochre (same as the original mini colour blocking), wash it with “earth” or watered down brown then highlight it with Bone. Paint the edges of the base Dark Brown.


  1. Nice tutorial, always interesting to see other peoples painting techniques and colour schemes, especially when its the sculptor's :)

    1. Thanks Ed. I wish I had more time to do stuff like this!