Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The time to Rebel has come. Follow the Protocols_

These are my err personal gaming rules. They've morphed on a bi-annual basis since about 2008 and only last year settled onto something that I was comfortable with. Detail and abstraction have waxed and waned over time. Right now I've found a good balance, and the final hurdle I'm facing is one of page layout and graphics.

At the core of everything are the Tickets and the A.C.K.A.D.I Core Disciplines – these are the characteristics and respective values of units and characters. Around this orbit the Action & Reaction mechanics (like shooting, close combat, movement, etc.) which are all mutable – you can use the same characteristics for a unit in a 6mm scaled massive battle, a super detailed single character adventure (where dice pools track your bullet/ammo count) or a squad level skirmish game: which is what I'll be presenting first.

To reiterate, the characteristics stay the same but the mechanics change how they are used.

Shooting example:
  • In super detailed adventure mode – the required dice score to hit is determined by your ACCURACY versus the targets AGILITY.
  • In 6mm battle mode – you simply need to roll equal to or higher than your ACCURACY.

Here are a couple of choice exerts to give a flavour of what the Protocols are all about. This is a very early cut so liable to future editing and restructure, only the basic aesthetic and rules are locked in.

I'm aiming for 12 pages max on this edit... wish me luck.


  1. This looks very promising. I really like the very simple and utilitarian look and feel to both the documents and the rules themselves, and I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of your work on these rules!

    1. Cheers mate. As simple as it looks (intentionally), I'm focusing hard on the presentation right now.

  2. Looking goodfella, im tempted to pick up some techos myself, how much are they for the complete warband!

    plus good to see you back blogging, I still need to update my blog with those painted fallen dwarfs