Thursday, 5 February 2015


One minute I'm trying to paint up some of the great Copplestone 15mm* barbarians, next minute I've started sculpting a load of minis in the same scale!

I'm torn between casting some stuff up like this, could do a skirmish/dungeon crawl set... or could do full blown armies in ranks maybe.

Left to right: Uruk-Hai Spartan, Arabian good guy spearman, Far Eastern legion bad guy, skeleton.

(spot the Fallen Dwarf. His heads loose in case I want to use this as a little dolly"

Few others in progress as well but not photographed.

I'll take a break from sculpting for a few days and have a think about what to do with them...

*actually 17mm.


  1. They look pretty fantastic and well defined for the scale. You could create some pretty cool units and monsters at that scale such as your dwarf golem and really make them loom over the infantry.

    I suppose they'd be quite cost effective to produce in strips ala warmaster and easy to build up a sizable force.

    I'll definitely stay tuned to see where you head with this (if anywhere)

  2. Though 15mm isn't my thing there's no denying these are some nice sculpts.

  3. Agree with Crucium, great sculpts. Partial to the Arabian and the sling bearer :)