Sunday, 22 February 2015

Peacekeeper painting WIP

I wasn't happy with the mold on this one, partly my fault for not reinforcing some of the sculpts (they got a bit bent and warped.)

While I remaster the set I've decided to paint up a couple of the test casts. Good chance I'll have scope to use different heads and make some variant versions...

The red guys are the desert planet police force, hence the riot shields. The blue guys are the same political allies, only acting like a space United Nations military force.

All I need is the crowd control mech and a couple of characters before I can organise production molds for a little diverse skirmish force. If I did this full time things would move a million times faster...


  1. I know my usual interest is the Fallen Dwarves ;) but the 'red guys' have peaked my interest

  2. OK. I just tried to comment, and my comment appears to have gone WHIFF!! So test, test, test! One, two, three!

  3. OK. So that worked, so what I originally said was would you consider authorizing these simply stunning figures for production and sale if an established manufacturer of metal figures was interested? I say this as these figures are an excellent blending of retro and sci fi tech styling, and I think they would do extremely well if they were put into full production.

    I can see that these are really a labor of love from the attention to detail and animation. I am an old Frank Herbert fan and a fan of the Riddick saga in equal measure, and these speak to those two vibes in a balanced fashion IMHO, and are as good or better than the very best figure lines being made by more than a few ostensibly major companies.

    1. Thank you. You have a good eye, I'm definitely influenced by Dune and Riddick... among many other things!

      Licencing/outsourcing is my preferred method, full time miniatures production would net me a tiny fraction of my existing corporate salary is so the effort to profit ratio here is not even worth considering. Anvil Industry already produce a lot of my sculpts but the success of their own ranges has meant mine have to take a back seat.

      I'm considering pitching to some established miniature production folks in the near future but if anyone in that line of work is reading this... drop me an email!

    2. Nice hat ya got there! I'm an old Dune fan, and a shameless Riddick fan (and I appreciate the artistry of the old pulp comic strips such as Flash Gordon from the 1930s and 40s).

      I fully understand your calculus of time v. money.

      I've sent you an e-mail, as I *may* have a manufacturer I can introduce you to... >;)

    3. I sent the message to Could it have run afoul of your spam filter?