Wednesday, 17 April 2013

High Elves

As much a practice paint as a chance to work out how my elves might look, of I ever get round to sculpting them... don't hold your breath.


  1. Interesting, I'd make their proportions just a bit more lithe though, at the moment they seem too much like humans.

  2. Very cool designs ^_^

    They seem to have a little bit of greek feel to them. Or is it Roman? Either way, they feel like they're from that part of the world with this look.

    Not a bad thing, as it highly differentiates them from the other designs for "Elves" from other designers and games. Most iirc, give a more Asian feel.

  3. Thanks folks. These are just the initial designs, not the final in terms of proportions and colours.

    These would exist in the same world as my Fallen Dwarves which is more Arabian and Mediterranean in it's locale.