Friday, 3 August 2012

Test Sculpts - Redcoats, Airship Marines, Imperial Besiegers

These are test sculpts using some of my stock parts, the miniatures here will never be cast but serve as the mock up's for future sculpts.

To the left: this is an amalgam of two future ranges! Take away the head gear and you will have the Airship Marines: slightly more 'tech' but still diesel punk. Keep the heads but imagine heavier long coats with studs and more basic armour and you will have the Imperial Besiegers – specialist in slow sieges and static defensive warfare. Rough, ready, and medieval retro!

To the right: the Redcoat's are a militia conscript army who garrison the titanic alpha cities of the Empire. (The Empire by the way worship a god known as the Tzar, and are led by an Empress). The Borderer's are the Empire's 'countryside' troops, compared to the Redcoats who are born, bred and drilled in urban warfare amongst the huge crumbling cities controlled by state police.

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