Sunday, 5 August 2012

Techno Communion - First look

These wont be cast – test sculpts only!

The Techno Communion is the front for a sinister Artificial Intelligence network that secretly controls the galaxy and drip feeds societies technology as a means of oppression, with a view to studying sentient races in 'free simulations' (constructed or fabricated realities and belief systems, maintained through lies and deceit).

Vat grown clones are created from the DNA of whatever race the machines need to interact with, and are used as the emissaries when contact must be made with the society being observed. The clones minds are controlled by a system of artificial religion which is reinforced by a strict caste system, controlled entirely by a secret fraternity of brotherhood within each caste.

The most common castes are below.
    -The Menion, or Drones, are the diminutive worker bee's with lifespans of seven years.
    -The Menikon, or Technicians, are a taller and more specialised and intelligent form of Drone.
    -The Petarikon, or Ratings, are the enforcers and warriors with a lifespan of five years.
    -The Danerikon, or Senior Ratings, are ratings who have had their lifespans prolonged and therefore grown more able in combat and knowledgeable of the universe. It is not unknown for Ratings or Senior Ratings to go rogue through trauma and or existential crisis.
    -The Synaxarion, or Machine Speakers, are the communication nodes with the higher intelligences (a vast AI hub of thousands of levels means the biological clones never communicate directly with the central AI).

Techno Communion Paterikon

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  1. Hmm, maybe you should give these guys some heavier looking guns, would be fitting for their look!