Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Dollie Masters

A master for the Techno Communion troopers (head is separate). This will hopefully be cast a few times so I can use the torso on different leg poses. Whenever there is armour or mechanical parts like this I prefer to use a master to ensure uniformity throughout the squad/range. Very little detail at this stage.

These masters will be used for some mutant troopers and also some half orc slaves


  1. Lovely stuff chief, I'm going to have to fight to keep going on my AdMech sculpts rather than just buying your Communion minis, heh. I may just grab a squad anyway to use as veterans of some description.

    Out of interest, how do you go about sculpting miniatures which are destined for multipart kits - is there a specific technique or do you do a single pose and then chop it up when it's finished?

  2. It's a bit of both with multipart mini's to be honest, I'm not 100% comfortablewith multipart but I usually sculpt the legs and body as one then chop it in half at the waist with a scalpel. It's quite difficult, most multipart are done as 3 ups then scaled down, or done digitally. Starting with a 'dolly' is probably the best thing!

    That TC trooper there will be getting sliced up and the torso will go on 5 or 6 different leg poses.