Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Cultist Squad

I've talked to a lot of people about these cultist minis and some of their feedback, and perhaps preconception, is that words like 'frenzied, mad and bloodthirsty' come to mind when they picture cultists.

My take on them is this: cultists are the secretive cloaked members of society who hold bizarre rituals in derelict sewers and catacombs. They are not thrashing mad men – they are perhaps well to do and educated misguided power seekers with normal lives.

They are not proficient or vicious: they are mooks and henchmen. They are common folk and mere sheep to the charismatic cult leaders. Their knives are ritualistic, only used as a last resort when their rituals and meetings are interrupted or the Dracul beings they summon turn on them in a fit of rage.

Heads, pistols and knives will be separate for these guys. The heads are the same as the Crowmantian squad with the addition of the optional tall hooded leader head.

Quick note on the poses – despite these being one piece minis the arms are relatively flat at the connections so posture conversions will be easy!

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