Friday, 3 August 2012

First Look - Fallen Dwarf Phalanx Regiment

Here's the first of the Fallen Dwarves – wielding shields and hand axes.

Originally I envisaged the staple weapon to be a halberd but the scale these are made at means the shafts would be extremely brittle in resin: back to the drawing board on that one!

Once I figure out how to get spear shafts to work I'll do a banner bearer and command squad.

Lots more to follow these basic troops...

Crossbow Regiment
Immortal Regiment (Two handed weapons – a short double ended halberd)
Dwarf Fire unit (A syphon styled napalm weapon along the lines of the historic 'Greek Fire').
Djinn – Four armed fire demons enthralled to the Dwarf sorcerers
Feral Centaurs – Dwarves twisted by the dark lord who live in the wilds, half bull, half Dwarf.


  1. Open hole in fist and brass rod. Just make halberd heads, etc to stick on top of them?
    Otherwise, I like these lots sir!

  2. Getting brass rods into production isn't really desirable, nor is having to ask people to do too much DIY on the mini.

    That is however exactly what I've done in anticipation of my own casts for personal use.

    I'll figure something out with Anvil.

  3. I'm realy looking forword to when the line of big hat Fallen Dwarfs start rolling out.


  4. Expected price? Regiment deals?