Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Faun Archers and Arabian Heroic Style

The faun's are for a personal project of mine, and kind of like a proof of concept for the design (semi wild and tribal). If they work out good I'll do some better versions for putting on sale..

Heroic style Arabians, WIP and needs some details and tidy up. Just need to make some heads, weapons and arms! The parts here are some out of production plastics I think, heroic style for reference! I'd love to get these done in resin somehow.


  1. The Arabian series has got my interest indeed. I've been looking for models to represent locals in the Southlands for Warhamemr Quest, but the scale difference is notable for most offerings. Look forward to progress on these. :)

    1. Thanks, it's a range I've wanted to do for a while!

  2. these arabian minis will go AWESOME with wargames factory and other bitz; and will be perfect for bitzbashing future warriormonks and their lazer sword (not included). = ) great work!