Saturday, 29 August 2015

Another test mold... 28mm, 15mm & 10mm

Here's a shot of another mold I'm commissioning from another new potential caster!

If they work out I'll be able to use them as masters and dollies for lots of variants and tweaked poses.

There's a few bits and pieces in there, specifically to test the quality of the mold and casts!

A quick run down for anyone interested...

  • x5 10mm scale sci-fi troopers
  • x4 15mm scale Fantasy Spearmen (different races)
  • x4 28mm scale clockpunk rifles (details and clockpunk elements will be added later)
  • x1 28mm scale Fallen Dwarf Spearman
  • x1 28mm scale Orc Hoplite, with 3 different heads.

This will be shipped off in the next few days, then I'm preparing another lot of minis for another test mold at another caster...

Then once that's done I can get back to finishing lots of sculpts, preparing new ones and looking forward to working with a new (potentially more than one) casting outfit! Cool.


  1. Lots of interesting things - also, informative to see a spin caster layout :)