Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Hiatus over... now, where to start?

It's been 6 months since my last post here, the longest gap since I started this blog!

My day job/career has gone manic but I've still had a hand in the hobby. Whilst I've done less sculpting, my attentions have been scanning the web on a variety of fronts to really assess the state of the industry and the trends in terms of releases and peoples interests.

I got a little collection of Games Workshop miniatures during my hiatus, Age of Sigmar and Betrayal at Calth, some Warmachine, Dropzone Commander, Infinity, Anvil Industries: Afterlife, and some LOTR also from GW.

The range of style, size and quality out there is mind boggling! And... it's all great! We virtually want for nothing... or do we?

Where do I begin here. I want to get at least 3 sets* out this year minimum. I don't know what those sets will be though, and if they'll be in resin or metal. The picture here is the main chunk of my work in progress stuff. If you zoom in you'll see a lot of different projects.

I hope to expand the Fallen Dwarf range with Anvil this year, a fair amount is already done in terms of sculpting.

Priority needs determined however on this short list of projects:

28mm Mythology - Ancient Greek initially
25mm Heroic - a one shot mold that will have multipart greatcoat soldiers, scaled small to make superhuman power armour look suitably imposing.
15mm Space Opera - you know, like Star Wars.
10mm Fantasy - Tolkien style
30mm heroic Fantasy - a couple of specific units to add to my small Age of Sigmar forces
28mm Rebellion Protocol - Sci-fi byzantine desert ranges

The list could go on, but you get the idea. I think the 25mm heroic soldier set is closest to finishing, and should go nicely with my Betrayal at Calth game miniatures!

P.S. Anvil Industries Afterlife miniatures are arguably the best quality in the market for their genre, and come in a friendly 'market average' scale and style, compared to say Infinity who I struggle to match up with anyone else in terms of compatibility and scale. I'm literally blown away by them and hope to showcase paint jobs for them here in the near future! Naturally you might think I'm bias here, but I'm genuinely impressed with everything about them!


  1. Great to see you back and looking forward to picking up anything for the Fallen Dwarves (I'm dying to get my hands on a Golem or three). How did the casting of the spearmen go?

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