Sunday, 21 June 2015

Exciting times - mini's going off for a test mold and cast.

I mentioned on my last post I'd found a local resin caster, very cool guy and great equipment: Hive City Terrain! Judging by the size of some of his terrain I'll be able to make BIG stuff... cool.

I've selected a few mini's to go in for mold making and casting. These are tests just to calibrate and start pricing things (how hard are they to mold, what's the best resin mix to use on them, etc.etc.)

First group are a safe bet and I've selected them because they are virtually "sale ready". Heroic style techno gothic parts. These will cast easy.

The second lot are the real test... will those spears survive? Will the rifles be too thin and prone to breakage?

Lets find out....


  1. Looking forward in seeing how this goes - who's the fellow left to the dwarf in the last picture. Looks like great orc cavalry!

    1. Ha he does look like a cavalry rider! Infantry though, bow legged orc spearman.

  2. I see it now, the metal piece of the sculpt would get in the way to get him mounted, looks great never the less!