Sunday, 22 July 2012

Occult Investigator

The Imperial Ministry does a good job of concealing the cosmic horrors and alien intelligences that beset Helot Prime. 

The Imperial Church does an even better job, supplanting knowledge with faith and diverting public attention towards veneration of the Tzar God, through fear and devotion.

Occasionally though, lone researchers from the Imperial universities and colleges or lowly theologian's of the Imperial Church take matters into their own hands... and investigate matters of the occult.

Through the crumbling catacomb ruins of the seven titanic Alpha cities to the forgotten temples of the desert and jungle belts, curios investigators peer into to forbidden shadow regions and encounter dark mind rending beings of terrible power.

Either accompanied by a cheap, worn out automata servant or a squad of Imperial troops, these investigators probe the mysteries of Helot Prime and the dark secrets the planet holds...

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