Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Imperial Borderer Squad

First off: thanks to everyone and anyone who has 'liked', commented or expressed an interest in this blog across the web: very much appreciated.

Barring a few minor touch up's I present here the first Imperial Borderer squad, complete and ready for mold making! Enter Anvil Industries – this fantastic UK outfit will be managing production and distribution for these miniatures, in resin.

Everything below is held together with blu- tack so the connections look a little weird – when glued together things will be a lot tighter

I know what your thinking now... heavy weapons? exotic weapons? a leader? a medic? comms man....

The short answer to these queries: Yes.

The long answer: Yes, sort of.....

Despite initial impressions these are not proxy miniatures: weaponry, equipment and squad sizes are geared towards a MOTN skirmish rule set, pending publishing. Squad sizes are 3-5 miniatures, hence the choice of 6 different poses (One pack gives you two squads. Two packs will give you four squads of three men, or three squads of four men).

A note on the design of the Imperial Borderers: victorian SF/steampunk is the cue. Coats and straps were actually inspired by Napoleonic troops. The original head design featured a gas mask shako. Unfortunately, I made it too big! I'm sure you'll agree it looks a bit silly. The helmets being used for final production were a quick afterthought that made it into the mold for the resin master parts, and they've proven a saving grace.


  1. Fantastic, any ETA on their release?

  2. I actually rather like the Shako. Makes them a bit more distinctive...

  3. 4 - 6 weeks for release potentially, the masters will be in the post to Anvil in a few days.

    I'll take some more pics with the shako heads in place: this was the first idea and my personal preference, but I thought they were too big. I'll check again...

  4. Shut up and take my money!!

    Seriously, I love these guys: with shakos, pickelhaubs, round helms or whatever, I'll buy them.

  5. Great can't wait! I personally prefer the caps, as the Shakos kind of look 'tacked on' to the original mini, but that is just my opinion. Thanks for responding!

  6. Hey guy, where do I can get these fantastic miniatures?